Rules For Quotation


Sellers who would like to offer mineral specimens to me have to stick to the following "rules for quotation" (RFQ):


1) I only buy for my collection. I am NO dealer. Hence I do not buy flats or whole collections, just individual pieces to my liking.

2) I am only interested in specimens that fulfill my personal beauty requirements for my collection (as explained in Even if you believe you have the "holy grail in minerals" in your hands, I want to judge on its beauty myself. For sure there is no need to offer me gravel, dirty rocks, mediocre specimens, or specimens that are just ubiquitous and have nothing special to them.

3) When offering a specimen ALWAYS include these 5 elements:

     a) description,

     b) photos (and/or video),

     c) sizes,

     d) condition & treatments
         (including repairs, fills, stabilization, radiation, ...)

     e) your asking price in USD or EUR.


Offers that do not live up to the RFQs will be simply ignored. Sellers continuously breaching RFQs and/or pushy sellers will be banned for good.


Rule for Quotation
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