Some Voices of previous Visitors

Albert Russ

Photographer, Slovakia

“I had the honor to see the wonderful collection of Fabian and have the opportunity to photograph a number of specimens from it. For a mineral photographer, the collection is a true joy and inspiration. The number and diversity of highly aesthetic, carefully selected, specimens is overwhelming, unlike in any other collection I have ever seen. You could spend weeks shooting the specimens and still you wouldn’t capture everything.”


Bill Larson

Pala International, USA

“I have traveled the world extensively for more than 50 years. I love visiting private mineral collections as well as the great natural history museums in most major cities. In late June I had the happy surprise of visiting the Wildfang collection gallery with my son Will and friend Mark Kaufman. 
Fabian was cautiously underplaying what we were about to see but when he opened the vault doors the beauty from within was obvious.  In two lovely rooms some 800 minerals are aesthetically arranged in 20 cabinets. The rooms are climate controlled although our pulses were increased. A lovely soundtrack specially composed for quiet contemplation cascaded down upon us. And the well selected and beautifully displayed crystals are stunningly beautiful. 
The result is Wildfang museum memory is a highlight; even when comparing to major museum displays, as the British or American museums of natural history.”

Jürgen and Christian Margraf

Margraf Minerals, Germany

"What an explosion of colors! Whoever has the chance to visit this beautiful exhibition will be completely thrilled from the beauty of these treasures of nature. We were lucky to see the museum several times and experience Fabian’s hospitality. Such a selection of world class mineral specimens is very rarely offered in public museums in Europe. Fabian, keep going and follow your great idea, to make this treasury accessible to the general public. You are doing a great and necessary work for our beautiful hobby!" 

Ghulam Mustafa

Fine Art Minerals, Pakistan

"Fabian's fabulous collection! It was in June 2018 when I was supposed to deliver a few of his purchased minerals and he invited me to visit his private collection and I had no idea I'd find this museum so interesting. I have been to many museums around the world and this is by far the best among them all. The beauty in the minerals displayed and the richness of the collection, the info, the visual delight, the ambiance of the set up was fantastic. A truly remarkable museum that is a feast for the eyes. I would highly recommend a visit to this wonderful museum. You will be blown away."

Will Larson

Will Larson, Pala International, USA

"Fabian Wildfang invited me to visit his collection and finally in 2019 I was able to visit him after the Saint Marie Aux Mines Show with my father.  Dad and I have been traveling together since I was a very young boy.  He’s taken me to many natural history museums all over the world - New York, Austria, England, the list goes on.  Not to mention the private collections I’ve also had the privilege to visit as well.  The Wildfang collection by far stands up to any collection I have seen.  Many of the world class specimens cannot be seen anywhere else.  The museum itself showcases over 800 specimens that are well lit and presented very professionally.  The collection not only has many aesthetic beautiful specimens but also has depth.  There are a great amount of wonderful rarities that are amazing for their species.  I would highly recommend visiting this private museum if you love minerals!  It is a destination I hope to visit again."

Dr. Rob Lavinsky

The Arkenstone, USA

"I remember when a German friend of mine told me that there was a serious "young collector(!)" he was mentoring in the southern reaches of  Germany, who had acquired a much more refined artistic eye very quickly after starting with wanting "one of everything." Helmut Bruckner was somebody I trusted for quality from meeting him at Tucson over decades, an old guard member of the mineral community. He occasionally bought a piece from me to go to this mysterious collector. One year, he told me that the collector had outgrown his ability in his retirement to supply him a few pieces time to time, and suggested I visit Fabian myself after I met at Munich in passing. Little did I know, what to expect! Since that time, I have seen Fabian continually upgrade the collection as a whole in both value and breadth, while retaining his love and clear passion for the actual minerals themselves - he acquires a specimen because he likes a piece, not because of its value or because a dealer or book tells him it is "superb" or "important." He developed his own eye, and stayed the course - and now the breadth of the collection reflects the emphasis on beauty and shape. Suddenly suites emerge from the sum total, and lend ideas and shape to displays of color or species that become informative (which obviously is Fabian's excuse for playing in his rock room and moving pieces from case to case all the time!) However, through the seemingly random accumulation of beauty and diversity, and the emergence of these suites,  comes also the inspiration to think about origins and the science of how these formed. Much like we are doing in Dallas with the Perot Musuem of Nature and Science, and what I have done with my own collection of Chinese minerals, I can see that Fabian has drifted down the road of developing a display style that helps teach and inspire people about nature and about this art class. Through the beauty, he can make a resource to open people's eyes, and share what we see in these treasures of nature."

Dr. Paul Rustemeyer

Photographer, Germany

"Es ist immer wieder ein absoluter Genuß, Fabians Sammlungsstücke - die sicherlich zu den besten der Welt gehören - einen Tag lang zu studieren und zu fotografieren. Besonders freut es mich natürlich, dass man bei Fabian so viele Farbturmaline aus allen Ecken der Welt erleben kann. Ich muss unbedingt wieder kommen."

Daniel Trinchillo

Fine Minerals International, USA

"The Fabian Wildfang Collection is spectacular and unlike many other collections being curated in todays modern collecting community. But before I go on and on about the minerals, what seems an important detail that can be overshadowed by the beauty of the minerals themselves is the beauty and intelligence of the man behind them. Fabian is one of those people whom if you have the opportunity to spend time with you immediately realize you are the lucky one. He is incredibly intelligent which can be easily appreciated after a short conversation. He has a wealth of knowledge in both the affairs of life and business which he shares generously. He swims freely in and out of languages like a native and is full of wit and good heartedness. He is always kind, and a true gentleman. So if you find yourself viewing his collection, don’t get blinded alone by the wonderful minerals but give a nod to the man behind them. 

Fabian has been a passionate collector since his adolescence and in the last two decades he has really embraced his passion and focused on building a collection that is driven by one overarching characteristic; aesthetics. Viewing his collection is a true joy because it is not built by what so many of today’s trophy collectors are focused on. It has an underlining tone that focuses on character, whimsy, form and unlikely juxtaposition. The minerals he chooses are not the biggest beryls or largest golds, but rather they are objects that are themselves memorable, special in a way that leaves you smiling. If you ever have the chance to see his collection you will understand what I am trying to describe, which is a challenge to do in words. So many of the examples have a certain something, the forces your mind to wonder and your mouth to blurt out wow repeatedly. As a collector it is a challenge to be disciplined enough to form a suite of specimens that come from the world over and generally possess any unifying characteristic. It would be impossible to have a collection as large as the Wildfang Collection where every object reaches the pinnacle of this aesthetic level. But Fabian has quite possibly assembled more of these similar treasures in one place than any other collection. And with keeping his eye on quality, variety, and aesthetics the collection is simply profound. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the collection you will immediately understand what I am trying to describe and similarly know at once that you are lucky to be in such fine company."

Martin Grüll

Viamineralia, Austria

"Bereits vor einigen Jahren fiel mir ein Beitrag in einer Mineralienzeitschrift auf, in der ein amerikanischer Händler dem Publikum anhand eines Kriterienkatalogs erläuterte, wie eine Stufe denn auszusehen hätte. Welche Kriterien sie erfüllen müsste, um „sammlungswürdig“ zu sein - meine erster Gedanke dazu war: wie langweilig. Nimmt man das tatsächlich ernst, würde ja jede Sammlung gleich aussehen. Zudem beobachte ich die Entwicklung, dass Menschen ohne großen Bezug zur Mineralogie mit einfach maximalen finanziellen Aufwand eine Vitrine von 50 bis 100 Stücken aufbauen, da stehen dann die üblichen Verdächtigen: ein Turmalin aus Brasilien, ein Gold aus Kalifornien, ein Aquamarin aus Pakistan etc - Investment nennt man das heute. Ich nenne es eine Ansammlung. Und um es gleich vorweg zu nehmen - wer die Fabian Wildfang besucht, erlebt eine wirkliche SAMMLUNG.

Mit großer Begeisterung sammelt Fabian Wildfang Turmaline - und zwar weit über die bekannten Fundorte hinaus. Aber auch von diesen großen Namen wie Pederneira oder Paprok gab er sich nicht mit den üblichen, zu erwartenden Stücken zufrieden, vielmehr offenbart sich die ganze Diversität solcher Fundstellen in all ihren Farben, Kristallformen und Paragenesen. Man sieht Dinge von denen man gar nicht wusste, dass sie dort gefunden wurden, man erblickt Schaustufen in atemberaubender Qualität, daneben aber auch Kuriositäten wie geätzte und Zepter-artig aufgebaute Kristalle, bekommt Farbvarietäten zu sehen, die von einer bestimmten Fundstelle nahezu ungesehen sind - schlicht gesagt, das Staunen nimmt kein Ende. Allein die Turmaline sind das beste Beispiel dafür, was eine echte Sammlung ausmacht - Natur unterliegt nicht menschengemachter Kriterien und in den Regalen der Wildfang´schen Sammlung offenbart sich diese unendliche Vielfalt schon anhand dieses einen Minerals.
Doch damit ist die Sache nicht getan - eine weiteres Mineral, das wie fast kein anderes durch 7 verschieden Kristallformen und unerschöpfliche Kombinationsmöglichkeiten mit anderen Mineralien, sowie durch alle Farben des Regenbogens heraussticht, ist der Fluorit - und auch diesem Mineral wird in der Sammlung ein breiter Raum geboten. Von fantastischen Illinois Stufen über rote Oktaeder aus den Alpen bis hin zu beeindruckenden Stücken aus China und Russland findet sich auch hier ein enormes Spektrum. 
Wer nach den großen europäischen Klassikern sucht wird nicht enttäuscht - nebst Erzstufen aus Rumänien, finden sich Raritäten aus Griechenland und Ungarn, Pyromorphite aus Les Farges und Azurite aus Chessy. Der Fan von Kupfermineralien kommt bei einer reichhaltigen Auswahl aus Tsumeb-Mineralien auf seine Kosten, ein ganze Lage Rhodochrosite aus Südafrika und Colorado fehlt ebenso wenig wie eine umfangreiche Alpinsammlung mit atemberaubenden Titaniten, Gwindeln auf Matrix, einem der schönsten mir bekannten Epidote von der Knappenwand und vielem mehr - wer auch immer dachte, Alpinsammlungen bestehen überwiegend aus Quarz und sind farblos, wird hier eines Besseren belehrt. 
Es würde an dieser Stelle jeden Rahmen sprengen, alle Fundgebiete und Mineralien aufzuzählen, die sich in den Vitrinen der Sammlung befinden - doch bei keinem Teilgebiet handelt es sich um simple Belegstücke. Mit einer unglaublichen Sorgfalt, einem ausgeprägtem Blick für Ästhetik, mit viel Geduld, Erfahrung und Fachwissen wurde hier über Jahrzehnte eine spektakuläre Sammlung zusammen gestellt und zudem auch noch bestens präsentiert. Dem Betrachter erschließt sich Vielfalt auf höchsten Qualitätsniveau und in erlesener Ästhetik, die Betrachtung lässt die Zeit vergessen und die mitgenommenen Eindrücke bereichern den eigenen Blickwinkel und die eigene Sammlungstätigkeit ungemein. Zudem ist die Sammlung so umfangreich, dass sich auch nach dem fünften oder zehnten Besuch immer wieder neue Stücke, neue Details entdecken lassen. Ich kann nur jedem Sammler raten - selbst wenn man eine weite Reise hat - unbedingt ansehen, der Besuch dieses Museums lohnt sich!“

Jordi Fabre

Fabre Minerals, Spain

“One day someone told me about a little-known collector who was building an extraordinary collection in Germany. I met that person shortly after, at the Mineralientage, and I saw that I had to go see him and visit his collection. 

In Ste. Marie 2019 I was lucky enough to be able to do it and the result exceeded my expectations. Not because the collection was the result of an exceptional investment of money but because it reflected the love for exquisite minerals and it also reflected not only one type of mineral (the ikons) but also THE related Science. 

The lovely presentation, the quality and delicacy of the specimens, his kindness... all made my visit to the Fabian Wildfang collection a wonderful experience and a pleasure to see that 'new collectors' continue to make collections that are not only very aesthetic but also very mineralogical.

Glück auf Fabian!”

Christoph Keilmann

The Munich Show, Germany

„Um unsere jährlichen Sonderausstellungen zu organisieren, besuche ich viele Naturhistorische Museen und Privatsammler. Was verbindet all die Enthusiasten und Freunde dieser Naturschätze? 

Nicht nur Ihre Leidenschaft und die Liebe zur faszinierenden Vielfalt und Schönheit, auch Ihr spezielles Wissen rund um die Steine und der sorgsame Umgang mit den meist zerbrechlichen Kreaturen.

Nun, so einzigartig all die Objekte der Begierde sind, so unterschiedlich sind auch Ihre Besitzer. Nicht jeder hat die gleiche mehr oder weniger enge Beziehung zu seinen Sammlungsstücken, nicht jeder den gleichen Geschmack. Nicht jeder hat  die gleichen Werte, nicht jeder das gleiche Wissen. Fabian hat verglichen zu Vielen sehr viel mehr und das spiegelt sich wieder in seinen außerordentlichen Schätzen. Eine wunderbare Sammlung und der Spiegel einer großartigen Persönlichkeit!“


Nick Stolowitz

Nicholas Stolowitz Fine Minerals, USA

"From the moment you walk into the gallery you realize that you are in for an extraordinary experience. The walls are a very tasteful stonework, and in the background plays a recording of the most pleasant sounds of nature; birds, streams, and a symphony of insects. It becomes a full on sensory experience. And then… The minerals!!! The first cases are filled with some of the finest specimens in the world.  Rich in color and form, Emeralds, Tourmalines, Tanzanites, Topazes, unique crystallography of various species. His taste and level of refinement is outstanding. At each case the viewer must take their time, step back and absorb the incredible beauty they have in front of them. As you slowly walk through the space you find pieces that draw you in, you step closer to get a more intimate view, and then you step back to see what other pieces you feel a magnetic like pull. There are few places in the world that put as big of a smile on my face as Fabian’s gallery. A great person, with an amazing collection. We are fortunate he is willing to share the collection that he has clearly put an incredible amount of time, thought, and energy into. In a word… THANK YOU!"

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