Welcome to my collection!

The Wildfang CollectionTM comprises a couple of hundreds specimens of a wide variety of species. It is the result of more than 40 years of collecting minerals to my increasingly refined personal standards as outlined below. A global network of dealers, miners and other collectors helps me to refine my collection over time, requiring any new addition to improve on specimens that potentially need to be replaced by it. As a result my collection is focussing more and more on the highest aesthetics in fine minerals. It is a collection that carries my personal signature of excellence.


My focus is on the aesthetics of any specimen. Shape, grouping, color, contrast, matrix, ... there are so many aspects to it that it can hardly be covered in a simple statement. I particularly love expressive forms like fans, sprays, flowers and trees. After all, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.



An ugly specimen does not become attractive to me because of its provenance, even though that might be significant. However, provenance can be the "cherry on the cake" making a nice specimen even more desirable.




Size doesn't matter? Well, to some extent it does. I have no particulare size constraints like 'thumbnail‘, 'toenail‘ or the like, but I tend to look for 'palm size‘ specimens, something between 'small cabinet‘ and 'cabinet‘ size. However, I have got a few bigger (like ‘large cabinet’) and some smaller ones (like ‘miniature’) and they improve the dynamics of the overall display.




There are more than 5000 minerals listed with the IMA. Only a small number of them are likely to produce specimens that potentially attract me. If there is a new specimen falling into this category I like to broaden the width of my collection without sacrificing on any of the other aspects of my collecting style.




I am no cool-headed investor in minerals, I love and collect them for their mere beauty. Although beautiful things occasionally can become quite expensive, I still rate the joy of admiring a beautiful specimen in my hands over its potential future gain in market-value.




Admittedly, I rate most colorful minerals over any black ones or even gold. I am a rainbow-addict and hence Beryls, Fluorites and of course Tourmalines are among my favourites. In spite of having said that, I still have some "black beauties" in my collection that I would not want to miss either.



My specimens are on display in my private museum, equipped with 22 well-lit show-cases in a secured and air-conditioned vault. They are carefully arranged and presented with individual labels on acrylic bases. On an appointment basis it can be visited by my friends in the mineral hobby. "Friends-to-be" would need to produce a personal recommendation by someone known to me.


For now, please enjoy the photos, videos and information provided on this website. I hope this wonderful world of beautiful and aesthetic minerals is turning out to be a true revelation to you as much as it has been to me for more than 40 years.


Fabian Wildfang

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