Sharing the Passion for Minerals with the World


Beautiful minerals are my passion! I have been collecting aesthetic minerals for more than 40 years and this has resulted in the creation of a noteworthy collection. It has always been my pleasure to share my collection with family and friends, and this has grown in to the idea of making it available to members of the mineral community and interested visitors.

Finally in 2019 I decided to turn my gallery into a Private Museum for Fine Minerals.

On 50 sqm, in two tastefully decorated rooms, close to one thousand specimens are shown in 23 well-lit show-cases. The rooms are air-conditioned and filled by a specially composed transcendental music. 

All specimens on display are carefully arranged and presented on individual acrylic bases. The miriads of LED spots in cool or warm color temperature make sure the specimens shine the best they can. They deserve no less.


OMG - Online Museum Guide

Where have all the labels gone?

Once you are in the Museum you will be offered the option of accessing the Online Museum Guide (OMG) using a QR-code available for easy scanning with your mobile phone.

The guide provides useful information for each specimen in a specific show-case. Just choose the number of your desired case (You find this in its upper left corner). Next, you will be shown a photo-wall of all specimens in that particular case. By selecting one of the photos you will be presented all information for this specimen. You can even use simple links (marked with blue tags) to retrieve additional information from on the mineral or the location. This is a big step-up from the old labels and takes the Museum into the digital age.


In short, you can visit the Museum all by yourself and find the most updated information on what you are looking at - virtually at your fingertips.


Visits by appointment only

Since minerals have always been just a passionate hobby complementing my busy work life I need to restrict access to the Private Museum to the levels manageable and - foremost - enjoyable. For that reason, if you wish to visit the Museum reach out to me in order to find a suitable date. In case we haven’t met in person yet, I may ask you to produce a recommendation by a common friend.

Planning a trip

The Museum is located near Muellheim, a medium-sized town between Basel (CH) and Freiburg (DE).

It is situated in a touristic area in the Rhine Valley close to the Black Forest mountains with numerous ancient Roman settlings. Among these there is an almost 2000 year old Roman spa in a nearby town named Badenweiler. The area is called the Markgraeflerland, and is often referred to as the Tuscany of Germany.

How to get there

by Car

Muellheim is about 4,5 hours from Munich (via Stuttgart) by car (using highways A8 and A5). Furthermore it is only 1,5 hours by car from Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. Hence the museum can conveniently be visited in conjunction with the Munich Show or the show in Sainte-Marie.

by Train

Muellheim has got a train station that is only 600 m away from the museum. The high-speed trains stop in either Basel or Freiburg where you have to change over to the regional trains having a stop in Muellheim. 

by Plane

The closest Airport is EuroAirport near Basel/Mulhouse in France. It is about 30 min away. There are numerous flights to/from Frankfurt and Munich every day. Just make sure you leave the airport through the "french exit" when looking for a cab or rental car.

Cannot visit yourself? Have a look at the video instead

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