A Database to keep Record of every Detail

The intangible value of any entry in the collection is vastly determined by the amount of care used for keeping record of all relevant information about the specimen that can possibly be obtained. Its physical properties, like mineral associations, etc can be retrieved by examining the specimen any time. Exact localities (finds, pockets, circumstances), however, and provenance (former collections the specimen was part of) have to be meticulously recorded.

For this I use a tailor made software called MINERVA - the MINERal Virtual Archive. It has been developped over 20 years to my particular needs and style. Since some years it is fully cloud-hosted and php-based, hence I can access it from anywhere and on any device capable of web-browsing.



Individual Labelling of the Specimens

The all-new branded version of "The Wildfang Collection" label

Every single specimen in my collection is equipped with a separate label detailing the most important information about the minerals and the locality of the specific ID. It is automatically generated from the MINERVA database and can either be printed directly on a local printer or exported to my preferred printshop in town. 
I used different labels in the past. You can find these in the label archive of the Mineralogical Record. Shown on the left is the most recent one, used 2020 and after.

Holders to keep the labels in place

I keep my labels in acrylic holders that can be used in two different angles to allow an easy viewing pleasure for top shelves and lower shelves, small and big specimens. At the same time the labels are protected against kinking and scratching. I get my label holders from Mineralbox.

Showcases that bring the best in Specimens to light

Focused on the essential

The modern design of my cases with the clear white background helps the minerals to get as much light and contrast as possible. The all-glass huge front doors open completely to allow easy access during set-up and a proper sealing against dust when closed. There are various options available on request from the maker, Creativa Group Srl. Daniele Danieli, a mineral enthusiast, is the mastermind behind the design and manufacturing.


LED lights are a game changer

The contemporary choice of LED light sources has many advantages: longevity, choice of color temperatures, much lower power consumption and high efficiency, therefore reduced heat generation that otherwise could be detrimental to sensitive minerals. In order to have the minerals respond best to the light and show their true colors and gemminess, the LED spots need to be chosen in the right color temperatur. 3K for a warm light (most of the red minerals) and 5K for a cool light (most of the gem crystals) are available. Both have a high CRI values for a very good color reproduction.
The LED modules of the cases can easily be pointed at the minerals using the swivels and replaced if need be by using the quick connects. This flexibility has become a standard in modern show-case design.

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