Recent Media Coverage of The Wildfang Collection

Mineral Talks Live Episode 28

Learn more about The Wildfang Collection® in this interview of host Bryan Swoboda of Bluecap Productions and Fabian Wildfang,  recorded November 2020.

What's Hot in Munich 2019

Some impressions from Europes top mineral show, The Munich Show, featuring The Wildfang Collection® as part of the special exhibition 2019 themed "Who collects, writes history".

The Munich Show 2019 Book

This coffee table book about the Munich Show 2019 features a chapter about all the exhibitors in the special exhibition "Who collects, writes history". Included are an abstract about The Wildfang Collection® and many great photos.

The MR May-June 2020

Featuring an extensive photo story about The Wildfang Collection® written by Wendell Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of the Mineralogical Record.

500. issue of Lapis Feb. 2022

Anniversary edition of the German Lapis magazine featuring an extensive 20 page interview of host Bertold Ottens and Fabian Wildfang with lots of beautiful photographs.

Steine und Minerale Magazine

Coverage of the Munich Show 2019 including the special exhibition and their exhibitors.

The MR Biographical Archive

Entry about The Wildfang Collection  in the Archive of Biographies and Labels of the renowned Mineralogical Record .

Brutus Magazine "Bizzare Minerals"

Featuring a 6 page coverage of The Wildfang Collection® in Japanese language.

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